DMG Series Dynamometer with Decimal Dial
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The CHATILLON® DMG Series is ideal for functional capacity evaluations and basic muscle strength measurements where economy and ease-of-use is required. This compact, easy-to-use force gauge is designed for physical medicine, occupational medicine and sports medicine applications and general patient assessment in family, neurological and orthopedic practices.

            Simplicity was a key design criteria for both clinicians and technicians. Measurement accuracy is better than 0.5% full scale. A large, easy-to-read, dial indicator displays peak strength. The gauge is available in 200 lbf and 500 lbf capacities.

            The DMG gauge comes standard with carrying case, handle assembly and NIST Certificate of Calibration with data. A variety of testing fixtures are optionally available.

Features & Benefits

  • Tensile (Pull) and Compression (Push) Testing
  • Peak Load Switch
  • Tare Ring
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • NIST Calibration with Data
  • 2 Year Warranty


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  DG Specialty Kits for Medical
With Certificate of Calibration
Options DMG Series Dynamometer with Decimal
Accuracy Certification Capacity Thread
K-DMG-200 DMG Series Medical Kit +0.5%
NIST Data 200 x 1.0 lbf 5/16-18F
K-DMG-500 DMG Series Medical Kit +0.5%
NIST Data 500 x 2.5 lbf


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DMG Series Dynamometer with Decimal Dial

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