Pennsylvania, Series 7000 Bench Weighing Scale

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Quality, Value and Long Life

Sustained accuracy and long life are built into the heart of every 7000 series remote platform. Clean, rugged design and high resolution make the 7000 series the ideal choice for whatever you count or weigh in a wide range of requirements.

For low capacity requirements, the 2lb/907 g and 5 lb/2268 g models use a compact 8 x 8” fabricated design.

10 lb/4536 g through 200 lb/90.72 kg units use a rugged cast structure with a standard 12 x 14” platform.


- System upgrades, added remote platforms

- Remote weighing systems

-Buying or selling certain products by weight

- Ideal sample or bulk scale for counting systems

- Shipping, manifest systems or SPS/SQC weighing


  • Rugged case aluminum chassis, frame and stainless steel platform
  • Equipped with 10'/3m cable and CPC quick disconnect
  • High accuracy, ideal for parts counting
  • Compatible with ALL of Pennsylvania Scale indicators and most third part indicators.