Avery Weigh-Tronix, Model ZM401 Weight Indicator

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These indicators are suitable for the office, dusty, wet or high pressure and heavy washdown environments. They come in IP69K stainless steel desktop and IP66 panel mount housings. They have IBN displays for high contrast and a graphic array to display text and graphic messages appropriate to the function of the program. The ZM400 indicator will support up to two scales with a maximum total of 16 - 350 ohm load cells. The standard indicator can connect to a single analog scale, an analog and digital scale or two digital scales. The indicators require 100 VAC - 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz or 12-36VDC. The standard indicator connectivity includes a USB Host, two serial ports and an Ethernet port. With an option card they can support 2 analog scale inputs. Available options include: l Analog Output l Current Loop/RS485/RS422 l USB Device l Wireless 802.11g l Internal 120 VAC relay l 2nd Scale Input 5VDC Excitation l 2nd Scale Input 10 VDC l External I/O Interface (for existing GSE or 1310 I/O cards) l AC input, 4 Inputs (120-240VAC) l DC input, 4 inputs(4-30VDC) l AC output, 4 relays (20-240VAC) l DC output, 4 relays (3-60VDC) The indicator also has three logic level inputs with configurable functions and three setpoint outputs.