Brecknell, SBI 140 Indicator

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The SBI 140 indicator is a very low cost, simple to operate weight indicator designed for use in a wide range of applications.

Typical Applications: Light Industrial, Veterinary, Warehouse

  • Resolution displayed up to 1:10,000; internal 1:520,000
  • Standard NCI interfaces to most common shipping software including, UPS Worldship Online and FedEx
  • Stainless steel/ABS case, complete with wall bracket and desk mount
  • Five 0.625" digits LCD display
  • Power - Battery or AC Power
  • Operator Keys– On/Off/Zero, Tare, Units (lb/kg), Hold/Print
  • Capabilities: Drives up to four loadcells; compatible with all Brecknell platforms and any system with up to four 350 ohm loadcells 4.4 VDC, up to 55 mA

This compact indicator is housed in a stainless steel/ ABS case and is supplied complete with a mounting bracket, making it ideal for wall or bench mounting.

The SBI 140 is compatible with the complete range of Brecknell platform scales and can be connected to any platform with a maximum of four 350 ohm loadcells for use in non-trade applications.

The easy to read five digit 17 mm / 0.625" high LCD ensures accurate readings.

Full Duplex RS-232 output for printer etc. is standard. Scale comes standard with NCI protocol and interfaces to most common shipping software, including UPS™ Worldship Online and FedEx®.

Keyboard features push buttons for on/off; tare (100% subtractive) kg/lb switching to give readings in metric or avoirdupois units (both decimal pounds and pounds and ounces) and hold to enable the weight to be displayed even when the item is removed from the platform.

Auto zero tracking is standard. To extend battery life, the SBI 140 has an auto-off feature with the indicator switching itself off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

Front panel calibration makes the SBI 140 extremely easy to install and calibrate.