Chatillon 516 Series, Push/pull Linear Scale

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The 516 Series push/pull linear scales feature a sturdy brass construction with precision steel springs that are individually calibrated to NIST standards. 

Scales may be operated at any angle and may be used for tension (pull/negative) and compression (push/positive) measurements. Tare and zero are easily adjusted by the operator. The instruments have dual graduations in avoirdupois and metric units. 

An optional maximum reading pointer may be specified to capture peak force readings. Rubber compression stops can be applied to the compression end of the scale for dolorimeter applications.

Features & Benefits
• Avoirdupois and Metric Dual Graduations
• Brass Construction with Precision Steel Spring
• Operates Accurately at any Angle
• Optional Maximum Reading Pointer




Accuracy: +1 Graduation

Maximum Overload: 120% of Rated Capacity

Tare Capacity: 10% Full Scale Capacity

Operating Temperature: 45°F to 100°F (7°C to 38°C)