Brecknell CS Series Electronic Crane Scale

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Brecknell crane scales are versatile, economic solutions for overhead material handling and weighing applications. Features include a rechargeable battery, lifting-duty hardware, bright LED display and sturdy construction.

Typical Applications: General Purpose Weighing

  • Product Features

    • Rechargeable battery operates 20 hours between charges
    • Lifting-duty hardware makes load connection simple and secure
    • Bright LED display with adjustable brightness for any environment
    • Aluminum die-cast case, alloy steel loadcell, hook and shackle
    • Remote control puts all scale functions at your fingertips
    • Displays in kg or lb
    • Accumulator function calculates total weight

Available capacities: 

  • 1000 LB x 0.5 LB, 500 KG x 0.2
  • 2000 LB x 1 LB, 1000 KG x 0.5


Rechargeable Battery: Operates 20 hours between charges

Remote Control: Puts all scale functions at your fingertips

Elongated Upper Shackle: Accommodates thick hooks

Swivel Hook with Latch: Makes load connection easy and secure

Bright LED Display: Has adjustable brightness for any environment

Dual Units of Measure: Displays kg or lb

Accumulator Function: Calculates total weight