Brecknell Model C3235 Washdown Checkweighing Scale

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The Brecknell C3235 is a watertight checkweighing scale for the rapid indication of over, under or acceptable weight in a washdown environment. This checkweigher series is available in three models from 6 lb (3 kg), 12 lb (6 kg) and 30 lb (15 kg) capacity with readabilities down to 0.001 lb (0.0005 kg). This compact and portable scale is specially designed for use in wet environments.

The Brecknell C3235 washdown checkweighing scale is ideal for harsh environments such as food processing, meat and fish markets, chemical and outdoor use. Washable and corrosion free, this product is perfect for almost any culinary, food processing, portion control, packaging, and checkweighing applications. The front panel includes the display window, annunciators, over, accept, under traffic lights, four operator keys and the level bubble.

Typical Applications: Catering, Food Industry

Product Features

  • ±2 divisions at full load
  • Display– Six digit, 13 mm / 0.5" high seven segment bright red LED display accept, over, under LED
  • AC power with internal rechargeable battery
  • IP66 Stainless steel watertight enclosure
  • Platform Size– 229 mm (W) x 190 mm (D) 9" W x 7.5" D
  • Construction– Stainless steel and ABS plastic washdown enclosure
  • Available Capacities:
    • C3235-3/6 | 6 lb x 0.001 lb | 3 kg x 0.0005 kg
    • C3235-6/12 | 12 lb x 0.002 lb | 6 kg x 0.001 kg
    • C3235-15/30 | 30 lb x 0.005 lb | 15 kg x 0.002 kg