Pennsylvania, Series 7300 Bench Weighing Scale

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Fast, Flexible, Dependable

Whether as a stand-alone scale or building block for a weight processing system, the 7300 series has what it takes to provide accurate weighing year after year. Rugged cast construction. High resolution electronics. Remote display connector. Four-year warranty. Flexible RS-232 communications. Whatever you weigh, there’s a 7300 series scale to exceed your expectations.


Shipping manifest systems

SPS/SQC or ingredient weighing


Animal or sample weighing


  • Weight displayed in any two units of measurement. Including lb, kg, g, oz t, lb. t, gr, dwt, oz, c, oz f, l, ml, tons and lb. - oz.
  • Powerful and flexible standard RS-232 data link Option Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth.
  • Optional 4-20ma of 0-10vdc analog output.
  • HD cast construction.
  • Large platform sizes (2 and 5 LB capacities - 8"x8", 10 LB capacities and above - 12"x14")
  • Capacities 10 LB and above are LEGAL FOR TRADE. 
  • HD industrial power cord.
  • Remote display connector standard
  • Optional battery/ AC power for portability.
  • Powerful, flexile communications.

Display Module

-Stable, 0.56" 6-digit, 7 segment bright red LED display

-Buttons for ZERO, UNITS, and PRINT

-Up to (2) additional remote displays connector provided

Base Sizes:

8" x 8" base sizes for the 2 LB and 5 LB indicators. THESE ARE NOT LEGAL FOR TRADE.

12" x 14" base sizes are for 10 LB capacities and higher. THESE ARE LEGAL FOR TRADE.