RADWAG, PUE 7.1 Terminal

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The PUE 7.1P terminal is a constructional component of industrial load cell scales. It is equipped with 5.7" TFT display featuring a touch panel and a membrane keypad.
The device offers two proximity sensors which can be programmed using the menu. It can connect with maximum 2 weighing platforms, a barcode scanner, a printer, a labeler, RFID reader and PC equipment (mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive). Standard PUE 7.1P terminal communicates with 1 weighing platform, and is provided with an extended communication interface offering 2×USB, 2×RS 232, Ethernet, 4inputs/4outputs (digital), Wi-Fi®.

It is possible to expand the PUE 7.1 terminal with 1 extra platform, this is done by installation of an additional platform module, DP-6.


5.7” resistive colour touchscreen


Protection class

IP 43


Number of buttons



Database capacity

16 GB (micro SD)


Max number of platforms 2