Brecknell DCSB Floor Scale System, Calibrated with SBI-521 LED Indictator

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IP65 rated mild steel general purpose weighing platform with alloy tool steel potted load cells. Pre-calibrated with SBI-521 LED indicator and interface cable.

Typical Applications: Livestock, Shipping, Warehouse

Product Features

  • SBI-521 LED Indicator and floor scale calibrated at the factory prior to shipment
  • Match a capacity and size with SBI-521 LED indicator
  • Units can be placed into service with no on-site installation required
  • A/D conversion rate up to 25 measurements per second

SBI-521 LED Indicator  

Display: 17 mm / 0.7" LED display

Construction: Heavy duty stainless steel IP65

Power: 6 volt 4 AH rechargeable internal lead acid battery with 110/220 AC internal transformer

Keyboard: Hold/Setup, Print/Func, N/G/Total, Unit/ Data, Tare/Preset, Zero/On/Off

Functions: Motion, Zero, Net, Gross, Tare, Total, lb, kg, %, pcs, oz, Peak/Hold, HI, OK, LO, AC/CHG

Units: kg, lb, lb:oz, PCS, %

Stand: Stainless steel swivel stand included

Display: Up to 50,000 graduations

Floor Scale Specifications

Accuracy: NTEP at 5000 divisions, Class III

J-Box Access: Top access for easy installation and service

Leveling Feet: Four top access holes for a quick installation

Threaded Eye Bolts: Two threaded top access eye-bolt holes for easy mobility and pit service

Corner Protection: Closed corners to prevent damage to leveling feet while installing the scale

Floor Scale Material:

Construction: Mild steel 0.25 inch deck with safety tread, 10K (4′ x 4′; 5′ x 5′) 0.19 inch deck with safety tread, 5K (4′ x 4′; 5' x 5')